YES…  We do free appraisals
YES...  We work in with other agents and pay them a referral fee
NO..… We don’t have a flash office
NO..… We don’t pay franchise fees
NO..… We don’t have all kind of managers
YES… We put your property on all the websites as soon as possible and expose the property to the market
NO…. We don’t have free-bees or holiday give aways, we know you can decide for yourself what to do with the
            money you save
YES… We had many multiple offer situations this year
NO…. We don’t do sponsorships, you can sponsor whomever you want with the savings you make by selling
            through us
YES... We are a small company which makes us flexible, smart and fast
NO….. We don’t ask you all the time to list your property. Whenever you are ready, feel free to contact us



Question 1: 1.95% commission real estate, how can you give full service?
Reality; Real estate has changed a lot the last 20 years though a lot of other agencies don’t want that change. Internet and law changes have made offices obsolete, removing a lot of overhead costs not necessary in this day and age. Once this is taken into account full service can be accomplished easily for this commission rate.


Question 2: How can I get great quality agents with this commission rate?
Reality; Ben has over 20 years’ experience at all levels in real estate. This makes him very experienced in listing and selling, doing several contracts per month. Compare this to most other agents who on average only have a few active listings and maybe do one contract negotiation per month. Also any agent working for our company was and will be very experienced.

Question 3: Big companies have a lot of sales people working for you, how does that work with you?
Reality; Yes they have many people working at an office but, most buyers are internet savvy and want to search properties for themselves on the standard websites. They know what they want/need and really don’t need an agent to describe a property to them.

Question 4: How can a small company do the job and attract the right clients?
Reality; Buyers are smart people, looking everywhere for properties. The internet hits we get on our properties are proof. Buyers don’t want to be dependent on one agent but shop around. They know the market very well. There may have been truth in this question before the internet was here, but those times are gone.

Question 5: But will you undersell my property, as you still need to have an income?
Reality; The opposite is true. On average agents do less than 1 sale per month. This in contrast to our sales records. Compare this with any other profession. Whom would you go to; the busy dentist or the one who only has enough work to fix one set of teeth per week? In other words do you want to work with an agent who hasn’t made a sale in 2 months and needs the income, or the one who makes a comfortable living and will walk away from an offer if it is not good for the vendor.

Question 6: Do you negotiate fees and what else do you offer me?
Reality; We don’t negotiate fees as we think they are fair. Though other agencies offer you a chance to win holidays if you list AND sell in a period, this really is no deal. You only have a chance of winning and if you compare with our fees, that chance of winning a holiday is quite an expensive chance. Better be sure to have the money in your hand! And think of this; do you really want someone negotiating your biggest asset, if they are that easily negotiating their own income???

Question 7: Do you still charge costs and extras for other things like open homes etc?
Realtiy; We do charge one off setup costs, as there is a lot involved in setting up a listing. These are direct costs that you pay for your own property. If we didn’t do that the commission rate would go up, as you would have to pay for all the other properties that are on the market but don’t sell. We don’t charge later on for anything unless you want extra advertising of any kind. To us it sounds fair; you pay for your own listing, and don’t subsidise others. We do not charge for open homes, inspections, negotiations etc.

Comment ; Half the fees means half the service!
Reply ; Which half don’t you get?


Comment ; The other agent told us he gets us more..
Reply ;
More than what? What a buyer is prepared to pay? How do they do that? It is an empty statement to put fear into people that they miss out. This can never be proven. A good and experienced negotiator can get the best price on the day. Ben has proven time and again to be such a negotiator.

Comment ; A small company like that just doesn’t get the buyers through you’re safer with a big company.
Reply ; Buyers don’t look at companies they look at properties and don’t care who owns the listing.
See our website for our latest successful sales.

Comment : A friend of us is in real estate and we want to give it to him/her.
Reply ; If you ask the friend to give you $10,000 because you need it do you think you’ll get it?
That is a lot of money to give to a friend…

Comment; But they are friend/family and I cannot go around them.
Reply ; Business is business. Mixing friendship and business normally doesn’t work well.
Friends/family are emotionally involved and find it difficult to conduct negotiations at
a professional level. Also giving a hard message to an owner might be in the too hard basket.
Personally I don’t do business with family as it does not work.